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 I welcome you to the official website

All-Russian public organization of disabled veterans

in Afghanistan and war injuries – "War Invalids"

Dear visitors of the site!

    From 1991 to the present-OOOIVA "Disabled War" is consistently involved in social and economic protection, medical rehabilitation, moral and psychological support to disabled veterans, military operations and their family members, are actively involved in social and political life of the country cooperates with legislative and executive bodies at all levels, with associations dedicated to solving problems of the disabled and veterans.

    When creating the site, we tried to take into account the peculiarities of our audience and make Online-resource of not only useful, but also fun. On our site you will find complete information about the OOOIVA-"Disabled war veterans" to protect the rights and interests of disabled people fighting and war injuries, the participation of the Organization in the definition and implementation of public policies for people with disabilities. You can also leave your suggestions on our site, send messages to your friends fighting.

    Over 20 years, the Organization assists people with disabilities to exercise their statutory rights and benefits in obtaining medical care, education, rehabilitation, employment, improvement of financial, housing and living conditions in the development of creative skills, physical training and sports.

   Complete information on the website about the activities OOOIVA-"Disabled war veterans" - another opportunity to publicly draw attention to the problems of rehabilitation and integration of disabled veterans, war, family members of the dead soldiers to extend their full cooperation to address them.

     I wish you all the success in finding the right information, new approaches to solving our common problems and good health!


Leader All_Russian public organization of disabled veterans in Afghanistan and war injuries - "War Invalids" A. G. Chepurnoy